Additional Links

Additional Applications:
  1. Open source image manipulation software.

  2. Windows based desktop personal weather station...

  3. Password manager and web form filler...

  4. AVS DVD Player (free version)
    Several DVD software packages including this free player...

  5. Open-source office software suite...

  6. Gyula's Navigator (from Wanari)
    Side-by-side file explorer - Norton Commander Clone

  7. Creates PDFs from any Windows program... 
Utility Applications:
Use the manufacture websites first...start with the chipsets
Shows details of sub-processes such as svchost.exe
TreeSize Setup Files (requires installation)
Drive space usage informaion (free version) has several limitations.
Detailed information of hardware and software.. 
Provided info of video adapter not detected by other tools.
Detailed profile of software and hardware...
Self-contained system information utilitity, no installation...
View and export Outlook auto complete email addresses.
Rescue, Client and VPN services...
On-board Recovery
   Dell - Ctl-F11
   eMachines - F11 or Alt-F10
   Compaq - F10
   some are - F10
   Toshiba - F9 or F10
   Sony Vaio - F10
   Acer Aspire / Vista Alt-F10
   Vista Machines
        F8-Repair Option
        Recovery Manager
Dell Vista Recovery (if Ctl-F11 fails)

Online Vault Password Manager - (executable download)

COMODO Firewall Pro - (executable link)

Vembu StoreGrid is a Disk to Disk (D2D) data backup software
primarily used for online backups! - online resouce for troubleshooting / malware removal instructions 
 Windows XP SP2 (final release)
Spyware Terminator (install with clamav)
Do not install web security guard or any toolbars...
Scan daily 1am | Update every 12hrs | No scan if missed